Town of Brookline


Brookline, Massachusetts


Completed 2008

Amory Park

Warner Larson improved the quality and performance of the fields in addition to providing accessible routes to the park facilities. The innovative design approach makes improvements in the porosity and drainage of the fields without using the traditional methods of stripping, stockpiling and regrading the fields. The design approach includes reconditioning the in-place topsoil by incorporating soil amendments, reshaping the finished grade, and engineering a shallow drain system that removes water from the turf zone quickly.

Warner Larson Inc. was the Town of Brookline’s design consultant for the renovation of Amory Playground, a park that includes heavily used athletic fields, accessibility challenges, and access to an adjacent pond and nature sanctuary. David Warner served as project principal, and ably guided us through an extensive public design review process, successful review by various regulatory agencies, bidding, and support during the construction phase. At all phases of the project we found him to be technically knowledgeable on many fronts, thoughtfully deliberate while efficient with his time and ours, and an extremely effective communicator.

Erin Chute Gallentine

Parks and Open Space Director, Town of Brookline