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Samuels & Associates


Boston, MA


Completed 2013

Boylston Street Green Roof

Featured on the February 2013 cover of “Units”, the National Apartment Association’s monthly magazine, Warner Larson’s design of the green roof at 1330 Boylston Street in Boston features an extensive sedum “carpet” with ornamental trees, grasses and solar-powered glow art.

The trees placed strategically as a backdrop to the common lounge and fitness rooms, are installed in handcrafted mariner-grade planters by professional yacht captains owners of Deep Stream Designs. The Zincoblend Intensive soil is a lightweight, moisture retaining mixture, by Zinco USA, and is mounded up at perennial massing to provide adequate rootzone and subtle landform.

“You now see that residents have opened their blinds. They are enjoying the aesthetic view. Air-conditioning pumps are running less. The temperature in their apartments is lower because they are not getting the heat reflection off the white roof.” Nick Recupero, property manager for Samuels & Associates development and management firm.